Choosing a Table Lamp

Choosing a Table Lamp

Table lamp are great for decorating and also serve as a practical light source. Many of these lights have special features that make them useful such as a dimmer switch.

Made of molded plastic, these lamps are usually cheaper than those that use real wood and can be painted. Plastic is also good for novelty lamps that rely on fun shapes and bright colors.


Tiffany lamps are one of the most iconic pieces of American decorative art. Designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany and manufactured at his studios, they helped popularize the Art Nouveau style in America. Though he originally trained as a painter, Tiffany was more interested in stained glass and pushed the medium to its artistic limits.

A Tiffany lamp shade is made from several separate glass panels connected together using metal. This method of construction allows light to filter through the colored glass panels, coloring it as it passes through and illuminating your room. The colors of a Tiffany lamp are vibrant and can add an instant touch of class to your space.


Crystal lamps add visual punctuation and a sense of luxury to your home decor. They also refract light throughout the day and glow with glamour at night. They can be placed in any room to generate and balance positive energy.

The Frances lamp delivers sleek modern style with a faceted crystal accent on the base of this metal fixture, topped with a drum shade. This lamp works beautifully alone or as a pair.

Stacking crystal spheres on this lamp base refract light and produce beautiful rainbow effects. It’s paired with a handmade linen modified hardback shade. It’s perfect for bedrooms, living rooms and entryways.

Art Glass

A melding of light azure and clear glass creates an organic form for the body of this hand-blown art glass table lamp. Made by renowned glass artisan Carl Radke, each piece features his Cherry Blossom design and is signed to assure authenticity and retain collector value.

Featuring faded swirls of blue and gray color tones, this contemporary modern art glass table lamp offers a softened style for your home. Paired with a white fabric drum shade, this beautiful lamp adds timeless elegance to any room decor.


Work at a more productive pace with ergonomic lighting designed for your workspace. Look for lamp styles that offer adjustable illumination angles and heights. Avoid fixtures that produce high frequency flicker, which can cause eyestrain, blurred vision, headaches, annoyance and even neurological malfunction in sensitive individuals.

For a modern task light with great style, architectural designer Madelynn Ringo recommends this design from Gantri. “Its shade has excellent diffusing and transmitting qualities that generate a visually adaptive amount of horizontal illuminance,” she says. That makes it a good pick for a bedroom nightstand or hallway console. (The fixture also offers dimmer features, if desired.)


If you are looking for a stylish decor accessory that also brightens your home, wood table lamps are the way to go. They are ideal for entryway tables or living rooms and feature a base that complements the shade.

Table lamps are among the easiest to install and offer a combination of direct lighting with diffused light for an elegant ambiance setting. They can be used in any room and come in various shapes like coolie, drum, oval, cylinder, eye-shaped, or square to suit your interior design. You can even purchase wireless table lamps that work on battery and eliminate the hassle of cords and plugs.


Ceramic table lamps feature a handcrafted base for texture and dimension. They add a contemporary flair to bedroom decor and bring a relaxed coastal feel to living rooms.

Ceramic metal halide lamps emit a crisp white light and have higher CRI (color rendering index) than older mercury-vapour or sodium-vapour lights. They are more energy efficient and use less power than traditional tungsten lamps. They require a correctly rated electrical ballast for operation. They are made from sintered alumina that contains metallic atoms that vaporize during the discharge. They are more durable than fused quartz and do not crack or chip. They come in a variety of colors and finishes.

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