How to Decorate a Party Room

How to Decorate a Party Room

A party room game idea is a gathering space for fans to exchange information and gossip about their favorite fandoms. Although it can be claustrophobic and smoky from food, drink and in early days cigarette smoking, the experience can still be fun for those who love to connect with fellow fans.

If you’re remodeling, consider adding a home party room. It can serve as a living room, dining room or second den and may help you entertain more often.

Hang Photos or Artwork

Using photos or other artwork as decorations is easy, and it can make your party feel more like a celebration of special moments than simply an event. You can use framed photos or prints that are relevant to your theme, such as portraits of people who have played a role in your life, for example.

When hanging a single picture, the rule is to hang it at eye level for an average height person – so you will want to place it about 57-60 inches from the floor (sometimes called the magic number). For grids or groups of artwork, the spacing doesn’t have to be perfectly even, but try to avoid unbroken “rivers” of space running horizontally or vertically between pieces.

You can also hang decorative plates or trays, mirrors, pretty chandelier-style lights, large ornate clocks, decorative baskets, and other items that have a wall-worthy look to them. Just make sure to check the weight of each item before putting a nail or hook in the wall, and don’t forget to use a level when hanging anything!

Hang Streamers

One of the easiest ways to make your party room game idea look more festive is to hang streamers. These colorful paper decorations are available in a wide variety of colors, so you can find ones that match your theme. To give your streamers a little extra flair, try twisting them before hanging them to create fun spirals and curls.

You can also use streamers to adorn chairs, couches, and tables [2]. This makes it easy to add decoration without having to buy additional items or hire someone else to do it.

Before you begin hanging your streamers, measure the length of each wall and determine how long you need each individual piece to be. You can always trim them later if needed. It is recommended to purchase a few feet longer than you need, just in case you need to adjust the drape. You can even layer the different lengths of streamers for a more attractive effect.

Hang Balloons

When you want to make an impressive display of balloons for your party, try hanging them on the wall. This is easy and fun, and it adds a pop of color to the room. If you have a large number of balloons, you can create shapes or words on the wall. For example, for a birthday child’s fifth birthday, you could use different colored balloons to create the outline of a five on the wall.

You can also hang a balloon arch. This takes a little planning but is a great way to show off the theme of your party.

To make an arch, you’ll need a balloon decorating strip, a hook, and fishing line or monofilament. Duct tape can be used instead of the strip, but it isn’t as convenient and doesn’t hold up as well. Push pins and thumb tacks are other options for holding up a balloon, but they can damage walls if used too long.

Hang Candles

Use this easy Harry Potter crafts and decor idea to turn a room into a magical space for a party or event. Create a night sky with floating candles, and even add a faux fireplace. This project requires a little time to prepare, so be sure to start it several days before your event.

Using a small needle or push pin, poke 4 holes in the bottom of each paper towel roll or toilet paper roll. Glue a strip of white cardstock to the base and cut away any excess. Cut a piece of fishing line about double the distance you want your candle to hang from the ceiling. Thread the line through one of the holes and out the other side, then tie it above. Repeat this step for all the candles.

You can also use flat white thumb tacks instead of fishing line. Just stick the tack into the wall partway, wrap the clear thread around it 6 or 8 times, then push the tack the rest of the way into the wall.

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