Remodeling Your Party Room

Remodeling Your Party Room

The kids party game idea is where Greens MPs meet during parliamentary sittings. This informal meeting includes discussions about the Greens’ positions on bills and other matters.

A home party room can be created in any number of ways. Some remodel their dining rooms to be more versatile and others create a second den or extra living space. Installing frameless interior glass doors helps enhance the ambiance while providing flexibility for parties.


Some people choose to remodel their homes with a dedicated social space, while others create one in an existing dining room, second living area or den. The best party rooms are near the kitchen for easy access to food and drinks, and close to a bathroom for guests who need one.

Consider seating arrangements to promote socializing and ease of movement around the room. It’s a good idea to seat younger guests near the dance floor so they can easily access entertainment. It’s also a good idea to seat guests who know each other to eliminate awkward conversations.

For those who find it difficult to talk in large groups, try a virtual version of classic party games like charades and Heads Up. Or, send your friends an app that lets you draw and guess at secret prompts, such as Skribbl.


Whether you are remodeling an existing space, such as a dining room or second den, or adding a dedicated Party Room to your home, it should be close to the kitchen for easy access to food and drink and near the bathroom. It should also have a cathedral or sloped ceiling to add a sense of spaciousness.

The seating arrangements in a Party Room should be comfortable and welcoming. Especially for parties with children or casual friends, consider putting a few ottomans covered in solid tablecloths to use as easy-to-move hors-d’oeuvre tables or beverage stations. If you have younger guests, seat them close to the dance floor to make it easier for them to access entertainment. Guests who are smokers should have an easily accessible butt bucket to dispose of their used cigarettes.


The party room, also known as the dining room, living room, salon or sala de estar, is the site of boisterous family bickering, charming parties and quiet formal meals. It’s often located close to the kitchen for convenience when serving food. When converting a dining room or other space into a party room, think about furniture that can be easily moved around to accommodate different themes and the number of guests. It’s also helpful to equip the room with a food buffet and drink station, either by using existing counter space or furniture pieces. Provide trash receptacles throughout the room for quick cleanup. A butt bucket, filled with sand or soil, is an easy-to-move solution for collecting discarded cigarette butts.

When shopping for nonperishable items, create a complete shopping list and shop in advance or near the party date to minimize last-minute grocery runs. Err on the side of extra servings if unsure of your guest count; you can always throw out extras later.

Tables & Seating

Whether you’re creating a dedicated social space or simply converting an existing den, dining room or second living area into a party room, tables and seating will be essential elements for your event. Long banquet-style tables look especially striking if you’re hosting a large gathering.

Seating arrangements should include plenty of personal space, preferably 30″ from the seat to the back of the chair so guests can easily get up and move about without bumping into other chairs or furniture. You may also want to consider offering tall cocktail tables for those who prefer to stand while enjoying hors d’oeuvres and drinks.

Keeping track of who’s sitting where at each table can be a challenge, but using templates makes the process easier and more efficient.


The decorations in your kids party game idea help set the mood and give your guests a sense of what’s to come. Inflatable decorations in the shape of palm trees and pirate ships set the tone for a tropical party, while draping tablecloths in two colors over each other creates an elegant look for an anniversary party.

You can also hang banners, paper fans and other simple decor to add a festive touch to your Party Room. You can buy inexpensive banners in a variety of themes at your local party supply store. If you prefer a more natural look, fabric stores sell burlap and muslin, both of which are easy to work with and look fine frayed around the edges.

Many homeowners build or remodel rooms to make space for a home Party Room, but if your family’s entertaining style is casual, converting an existing dining room, den or second living room can save time and money. Consider adding movable furniture so that you can shift arrangements depending on the number of guests and theme.

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