How to Decorate a Party Room

How to Decorate a Party Room

With so many other details to attend to, it can be easy for a party room game idea to neglect the decorations. But they’re essential to creating a festive atmosphere.

In the game, players can deposit items they receive in a drop party here. This includes the balloon cat, balloon dog and balloon goat follower pets.

Decorate the Walls

Many homeowners create a party room in the home to serve as a dining room, gathering room or additional den. The best room layouts accommodate the family’s lifestyle during normal day-to-day living while also creating a central space for entertaining guests.

Decorate the walls with posters and banners that reflect the party theme. You can find a variety of wall decorations at your local party supply store. If your walls are painted, opt for poster hanging tape rather than standard tape — this kind of tape is less likely to pull paint from painted surfaces.

Hang construction-themed cardboard cutouts from the walls for a fun look that fits any construction-themed party. You can buy these at your local party supply store or make them yourself. For an elegant touch, add white string lights to the party space. You can find string lights in a variety of shapes to match your theme. You can also purchase decorative candles in a variety of colors.

Add Balloons and String Lights

A party room game idea can be a living room, dining room, additional den or even a converted garage. Many homeowners add one to their home to accommodate frequent gatherings. The interior design of a party room depends on family lifestyle, personal preferences and the types of parties planned for the space.

Balloons and string lights are popular choices for decorating a party room. Hang them on walls or from ceilings for a picture worthy accent. Streamers and ribbons can be used to coordinate with the theme of the party. Paper lanterns are a favorite among professional event planners for their photogenic quality at day or night time events.

A balloon wall is a beautiful way to add a touch of whimsy to any party room. Add some coordinating balloon garlands or use the traditional inflated ones for a fun photo op. Tie photos to the end of balloon strings for a memorable display. String lights can highlight features like a fireplace or a headboard with fairy lights on them.

Provide a Place for Trash

Decorating a party room can be very wasteful as most decorations are only used for a few hours and then thrown away. To reduce waste, it is recommended to provide conveniently located trash receptacles that are easily accessible by the guests. Another good idea is to have a “butt bucket” outside to give your guests a place to throw their cigarette butts. Also, try to avoid using a lot of paper and glitter as this will create a huge amount of waste. Waste4Change will be happy to help you manage your event’s waste in a responsible way that is both eco-friendly and cost efficient.

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